Reimbursements for Personally Paid Expenses

If you do not have a BILL Spend & Expense card (formerly Divvy), you may purchase an eligible expense with your own personal funds and submit the receipt for reimbursement, so long as your Field Unit leader (Alliance Chair or State Coordinator) approves the purchase. 

Braver Angels uses the BILL Spend & Expense website to process reimbursements. If you do not already have a login for the BILL Spend & Expense website, please email the Field Finance team and we will send you an invitation to log into BILL Spend & Expense (note: this is an invitation for a website login, not to get a BILL Spend & Expense card). 

Once you are logged in, please upload your receipts and link your bank account. The Field Finance team will process your reimbursement and send it to your bank account via ACH payment.
Step-by-step instructions on submitting reimbursements via BILL Spend & Expense (formerly Divvy) covered here.

Braver Angels' preferred method of reimbursement is through the BILL Spend & Expense site; however, if you are unable to receive reimbursements via bank ACH, please contact the Field Finance team in order to submit receipts via email and receive a check in the mail.

If you are not an Alliance Co-Chair, State Coordinator, or Regional Lead, you will need approval from one of these people to be reimbursed from their Field Unit's funds.

Reimbursing a Volunteer for Personally Paid Expenses

Alliance Co-Chair, State Coordinator, or Regional Leads must approve for volunteers or otherwise to be reimbursed from their Field Unit's funds.

There are currently three options for reimbursing a volunteer for personally paid expenses.

1. Use an active BILL Spend & Expense card with access to the Field Unit's funds to pay the volunteer back via venmo or paypal. Include the receipt/screenshot of the transaction as well as the original receipt for the personally paid expense that they're being reimbursed for.

2.  Pay them back in cash or with check. Enter their receipt into your BILL Spend & Expense account for reimbursement. Please include a copy of the check you paid them with, if applicable. Funds can take up to 10 days to hit your account and then you can pay them back directly (if not already).

3. Set them up with their own BILL Spend & Expense account to submit receipts for reimbursement themselves. This is ideal for volunteers you're reimbursing often.  The Alliance Co-Chair or State Coordinator will need to fill out this form indicating that the volunteer is approved for such, and also includes the option to get them a BILL Spend & Expense card if necessary.

Reimbursement for Mileage

When a Braver Angels volunteer drives on behalf of Braver Angels (for example, to moderate a workshop), they may submit those miles for reimbursement if their Alliance or State has funds available and wishes to reimburse. We follow IRS guidelines for the mileage reimbursement rate per mile. To receive reimbursement for mileage, please follow these instructions:

If you do not have a login to the BILL Spend & Expense website, please email to request a login. Getting a login does not mean you will get a physical BILL Spend & Expense card, it just means you can get a username and password to log into the BILL Spend & Expense website. Please follow the instructions for Approval above in order to be associated with a Field Unit's budget;  then, you can click on Reimbursements in the BILL Spend & Expense website and follow the instructions to submit mileage.  

In-Kind Donations

As an alternative to receiving reimbursement, you can also receive a receipt for a charitable donation in kind to be used for tax purposes. To receive a receipt of in-kind donation, please contact us to send receipts for personal expenses for food, drink, paper supplies, mileage etc. incurred due to a Braver Angels event.