BILL Spend & Expense Cards (formerly Divvy)

What is a BILL Spend & Expense Card (formerly Divvy), and How Do I Get One?

A BILL Spend & Expense card is a physical credit card that allows you to spend money from your Field Unit's account at in-person stores and online. Every Alliance Chair, State Coordinator, or Regional Lead is eligible to request a BILL Spend & Expense card

To be approved for a Bill Spend & Expense card (formerly Divvy), please complete this request formYou'll be asked to sign a statement of fiduciary responsibility and then will receive a physical debit card in the mail. 

In order to get a BILL Spend & Expense card, you must have a Braver Angels email address. If you don't have one, please contact the Field Tech Support team to request one.

When Will I Get My BILL Spend & Expense Card (formerly Divvy)?

Once your BILL Spend & Expense card request is approved by the Field Finance team,  your card will be mailed to the address you provided within 7-10 days.  If you do not receive your card within 2 weeks, please contact us.  You will also receive an email from BILL Spend & Expense to set up your online account login.  This will allow you to track funds available on your BILL Spend & Expense card and upload receipts for purchases.  We recommend that you download the BILL Spend & Expense app to your mobile device so you have easy access to your funds balance and account.  With the app, you can also use your phone to take pictures of receipts and upload them directly to your BILL Spend & Expense account.  You will need to upload receipts using the mobile app or online to your BILL Spend & Expense account within 10 days of purchase.  

Please note that BILL Spend & Expense cards are currently issued under the name "Institute for American Values" rather than "Braver Angels." Braver Angels has recently changed its name legally from the former non-profit entity Institute for American Values. We expect our BILL Spend & Expense cards to be updated in the coming months, however for the time being, they still say Institute for American Values.

How Do I Use My BILL Spend & Expense Card (formerly Divvy)?

Once you have activated your BILL Spend & Expense card, up to $500 of your Field Unit's total balance will automatically be loaded onto your BILL Spend & Expense card by the Field Finance team. You are pre-approved to purchase eligible expenses with these funds. Receipts for your purchases must be uploaded to your BILL Spend & Expense account within 10 days (no later than the last day of the month) for the finance team to reconcile.  The Field Finance team will replenish your available balance, on a monthly basis, to $500 or the maximum amount in your Field Unit ledger balance, whichever is smaller.  

If you need more than $500 for an expense, please forward an email approving the expense from your State Coordinator to the Field Finance team and the funds will be moved to your BILL Spend & Expense card within 2 business days. 

Please note, at present the Field Finance team updates your Field Unit ledger balance on a monthly basis. The current month's data is published once reconciled, typically by the 15th of the following month. This means that if donations have come in in the past few weeks, they may not yet be reflected in the ledger, and will therefore not automatically be pre-loaded onto your BILL Spend & Expense card. If you need to access funds immediately that you believe have been contributed but are not yet updated in the monthly ledger, please contact the Field Finance team for assistance.

Similarly, the finance team updates your available balance in BILL Spend & Expense on a monthly basis.  This means that if you have spent funds, your BILL Spend & Expense balance will drop below $500, or your available balance.  If your alliance does have additional funds in its account and needs their BILL Spend & Expense balance re-upped to $500, or the available balance, before month end, contact the Field Finance team for assistance.   

How Do I Submit Receipts to BILL Spend & Expense (formerly Divvy)?

There are three ways to submit receipts to BILL Spend & Expense:

Who Can Get a BILL Spend & Expense Card (formerly Divvy)?

Currently, only State Coordinators, Regional Leaders and Alliance Chairs are eligible to receive a BILL Spend & Expense card for spending.  We understand that there may be situations where Moderators, Ambassadors and other field members have spending needs and we will continue to monitor and update accessibility for these members as we continue to develop the Field Funding Program.  If a field member who does not have access to a BILL Spend & Expense card needs to make a purchase, they can coordinate with their Alliance Chair or State Coordinator to make the purchase using the Chair or Coordinator's BILL Spend & Expense card; or they may make the purchase on their own and follow the process for reimbursement; or the Alliance Chair or State Coordinator may request that the field member be given access to their Field Unit's funds account.