Field Leaders Portal


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To all Field Team Leaders (Alliance Chairs, State Coordinators, Regional Leads, and Braver Angels volunteers): We are so pleased that you have taken this important leadership role with Braver Angels. You join over 200 other national volunteers who serve and lead our 50 states and over 80 Alliances throughout the country. We are the grassroots arm of Braver Angels and bring our message to our fellow citizens--red and blue.  We attempt to follow certain principles and practices, as seen here. See also the BA way and pledge that accompanies this way of doing things. 

Resources for Field Leaders

Let us know how your activities in the field are impacting the Braver Angels mission OR how Braver Angels has impacted you personally or your relationships.

Request support for an innovation that will further the Braver Angels mission, or let us know what innovation you're working on or have done in your alliance or area which would be great for others to know about and try as well.